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Birds and Cleanliness

Birds can be a housekeeping dilemma. Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance can help to keep the environmental contamination to a minimum.

The cage/tray substrate should be changed daily. Newspaper is preferred. It is a good habit to count and become familiar with the normal appearance of the droppings as well. Food and water dishes should be cleaned with soap and water.

Weekly dishes and water bottles should be disinfected. Clean first with soap and water, then immerse in bleach and water (2 ounces of bleach to one gallon of water) for five (5) minutes. Rinse well.

Monthly the cage itself should be cleaned with special attention to the perches, base of the cage and grate. Enzymatic products are available that make cleaning easier, e.g. Poop Off. A hot shower can loosen debris from the cage before cleaning. This is also the time to rotate and change perches and toys.

Regular maintenance can make your job easier and provide your birds a healthier and more interesting home.