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What Birds Want for Christmas

Like other pets, birds need good care and enrichment.  Holiday time is a good time to assess what we can do to imporve their lives.  Here are a few ideas from your veterinarian at the All Bird Clinic.

Clean, rearrange and redecorate my house

In time to get ready for holiday company, clean up my mess and remove two tired pieces of "furniture".  Surprise me with a new toy or two.  You can buy them or make them.

Make a fancy holiday meal for me

I can't go out for dinner, so try a new recipe.  Surprise me with bird appropriate foods that maybe you've never given to me before.  It might become my next favorite treat.  Presentation is also important, so think about small meals instead of just filling up my bowls once a day. 

Rest my tired feet

Don't forget that I'm always on them - day and night - with no shoes or slipppers.  Make sure that my perches are comfortable, appropriately-sized, and secure.  Be sure my toenails are not too long or getting snagged in things. 

Think outside the "box" (cage)

I spend a lot of time in here, so give me something interesting to look at, listen to (maybe some holiday music), and do.  You might even want to consider relocating my house.  The grass often looks greener on the other side of the room.

Make a phone call or online request to Dr. Shafar at The All Bird Clinic

They can share more ideas with you and will schedule my next appointment.  I need to be seen at least once a year.  I'm not getting any younger, you know.

For more tips or ideas give us a call at the All Bird Clinic.  Have a Happy Holiday.